Research / Analysis

I am available for research and project management support to organizations and individuals in public policy, international development, urban policy and planning, and social justice-oriented organizations and projects.

My experience includes:

  • 10+ years in human rights, humanitarian, international education, and social justice organizations, including research experience on governance, conflict, human rights, gender, urban issues, and security.
  • Research, analysis, evaluation, training, and publication support.
  • Risk and crisis management planning for researchers and international education programs.
  • Country experience in and familiarity with: South Sudan, Uganda, Kenya, Ethiopia, Sierra Leone, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Ecuador, Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador, Mexico; as well as U.S. and global urban policy and planning.
I recently co-edited a special issue of the journal Disasters along with Dr. Dorothea Hilhorst and Dr. Holly Porter, on the theme of “gender, sexuality, and violence in humanitarian crises.” The full issue is freely available through open access throughout 2018 and can be accessed here.

During my years with the Secure Livelihoods Research Consortium (SLRC) I authored or co-authored and edited numerous publications about livelihoods, governance, and social protection in South Sudan, Uganda, and Sierra Leone.